AMA Mentoring - How to Get Started with TypeScript?

AMA Mentoring - How to Get Started with TypeScript?

Do you know if there are any good sites to have a look at TypeScript, I’m more confused about just where to go?

I would just start with getting a high-level understanding of what TypeScript is. You don't need to go crazy with understanding every little thing about it. Understand WHY you should use TypeScript. Here are some quick resources I found.

Learn TypeScript in 5 Minutes

TypeScript From Scratch

Once you have a high-level understanding I would do something practical. If you have done something simple in JavaScript, try to do the same thing in TypeScript. A great example of something I did was using Express.js. I knew it very well and learned how to convert it from JavaScript to TypeScript. Here is a blog post describing this process. It might be a good exercise for you!

How to Convert Express.js to Typescriptt

You could also do something a little more structured like following an Angular tutorial. (I am a bit bias to Angular). Angular uses TypeScript and they have some really easy to follow along with tutorials. BUILDING apps has always been the best way for me to learn something new!

Good Luck!

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