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AWS Certifications Tips

AWS Certifications Tips

Taking Remote AWS Certification Tests

Phillip Ninan
ยทFeb 25, 2021ยท

3 min read

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Last year I passed my AWS Solutions Architect Certification test. I took the test remotely. It was a stressful experience because I did not know what the expect. I would like to share some tips to make your experience less stressful.

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Here are some tips for taking the exam remotely:

  • Check-in exactly 30 mins before the test starts, it took longer than I expected
  • Make sure you download the software the day before! I did not know this beforehand. I thought the test was taken in the browser.
  • Restart your computer the night before.
  • DONT MAXIMIZE THE TEST PROGRAM WINDOW! As soon as the proctor started my test, my screen had the test toolbar on the top but the rest of the screen was black and I got an infinite spinner. I waited ~15 mins before restarting my computer and trying to start the test again. Luckily, this was only ~10 mins after my test was supposed to start bc I was able to get started earlier.
  • Use the restroom before the test!
  • Answer the easy questions first and come back to the hard ones. There are a bunch of questions that should be super easy.
  • Once you are halfway through the test or maybe if you quickly get to the end, close your eyes and do some deep breathing for 30s. this will help you relax and focus better.
  • Once the test is done and you get your pass/fail MAKE SURE YOU CLICK END TEST!! I got excited and had to use the restroom and left the room. The proctor called me and said I had to hit the button and I was not supposed to leave the room. I was not penalized since the test had ended, but I was very stressed for the next 24 hours.
  • I took my exam at 1PM and got my grade the next morning.
  • Celebrate your passing grade! Take the time to take notes on topics you remember that you have trouble with so you can pass the exam the next time!

Thanks again, everyone!!

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